4.0: work in progress

Evolving towards key 4.0 is necessary to communicate, collaborate and interact – according to current and future standards – with customers, suppliers, colleagues, partners and so on. It is starting from these assumptions that MICROingranaggi – a major italian company specialized in the design and production of high precision micro mechanical and electro-mechanical components – will dedicate a good part of its investments in 2018 and 2019 to smart manufacturing, according to the standards of 4.0, starting from the implementation of a new management system that will become the digital heart of MICROingranaggi. The new system will consist of MRP (necessary for production management), of ERP (for resource planning) and of a combined module for accounting management. All the machines in MICROingranaggi’s workshop will be networked with the MRP, including the new lathe Schaublin 225 Tmi-CNC, purchased last March, the lathe Star SR32JN CNC arrived in July and the new gear-hobbing machine Koepfer HLC150 H CNC, presented at the latest EMO in Hannover and installed in October. Thanks to the new management software it will be really possible to have control of the entire company through a single system. “The primary objectives of these investments”, said Stefano Garavaglia, general manager of MICROingranaggi, “are both to optimize workflows and to have a precise image of what is and will be the coverage of each machine, allowing us to better manage the whole production”.