2 Axis orthogonal milling heads

With the new PI-GRECO series, Technai reaches the 4th generation of orthogonal 2-axis heads intended for large portal and gantry machine tools, for 5 axes machining of molds and aeronautical components.
The PI-GRECO line features a perfectly thermo-symmetrical configuration with fork structure; broad customization potential (electro spindles are chosen by customers), actuation of the orthogonal axes with direct drive torque motor.

The design of the PI-GRECO generation heads favored two fundamental aspects:optimization of the industrialization process by refining the concept of modular construction of functional groups with parallel production processes that flow into the final assembly phase, where the activities of customization, accuracy verification and definition of the final geometric quality; introduction of important design improvements, useful for increasing the performance, reliability and robustness of every single operational function of the head.
In EMO the TCH-25 PI-GRECO model will be showcased, the first of a range of homogeneous models that will constitute the new line of Technai heads. Size 25 is complementary to the current range of TCH heads.