Maurizio Macca
Managing Board / Assiot

Business Intelligence in the 4.0 Landscape

It is with great pleasure that I accept Francesco Romei’s (of OTI) invitation to reflect on the strategic role that in company Business Intelligence, above all, as Industry 4.0 really kicks in, has had concerning the rapid acceleration of data availability. Learn More

Domenico Di Monte
President / Assofluid

The Future of Technology Is in Raw Materials

What factors are going to determine the global economic balance of the future? How important is technological development going to be in this “competition”? Today, technology is spoken of as a fundamental element in guaranteeing not only economic but also social progress, and, albeit with differing levels of investment, every country around the world is pushing in this direction. Learn More

Fabrizio Scovenna
President / ANIE Automazione

Man 4.0

In 2017 and 2018 there was a massive amount of technological investment, mainly related to the introduction of new technologies, which generated a gap between the demand and the supply of appropriate technical skills necessary to manage them. Learn More