Cesare Cianci
Managing Board / Assiot

2019: Market Trends and Developments in Gearing and Power Transmission

Further negatives on the horizon for Italian growth. According to Standard&Poor’s, the government outlook of over 1% growth “is optimistic”, “we see lower growth ahead for 2019, around 0.6%, with stable consumption but prospects and investment shrinking, especially when compared to that of its European neighbours”. Learn More

Domenico Di Monte
President / Assofluid

The Fair is Dead... Long Live the Fair!

The king is dead, long live the king! These were the ritual words with which the spokesman of the old French monarchy announced to the people the death of the sovereign and the advent of the successor to the throne, as a guarantee, without interruption, of the royal house. In short, certainty and guarantee of continuity. Learn More

Mario Colombo
Managing Board / ANIE Automazione

Integration and Openness, the Smart Side of Automation

Integration is a word that we increasingly see associated with the concepts of advanced automation and industry 4.0. Learn More