Francesco Romei
Managing Board / Assiot

How Much Time Left?

A few years ago, it was 2013 to be precise, I attended a presentation by Sergio Marchionne at the Bocconi university in Milan, in which he focused on the “global challenges facing Italian industry” and “the increasingly small world in which we live”. A student asked Marchionne: “What should the logic being used by Italian entrepreneurs be that will lead to success in the international market?” and “How much time have we got?”. Concerning the latter question, the answer was a categorical: “zero”. Learn More

Domenico Di Monte
President / Assofluid

Federtec: from Words to Deeds

Alea Iacta Est: The die is cast. Here, we are not talking about a river to cross, but about a new association that was born to represent in a unique way important sectors, as also stated in the statute, namely in the first article. Here, the words are: “...Italian Industry of Components and Mechatronic Technologies for Fluid Power, Power Transmission, Control and Intelligent Automation of Products and Industrial Processes”. Learn More

Pierluigi Olivari
Consigliere / ANIE Automazione

With MADE, Milan Consolidates its Leadership as Innovative City

Finally, the competence centers are at the starting line. Someone perhaps no longer hoped for this, thinking that they had fallen into oblivion after the previous government had promulgated them thinking of the needs of the national industry, and which lacked - let’s talk above all about SMEs - the strategic support to be able to consciously face a structured path of digital transformation. Learn More